Pressing repeat for a dream

Madison Campbellby Madison Campbell




Welcome to my life. Come on in and sit down, but don’t get too comfy, here in my life we never sit for too long. A special treat is awaiting you today….insight into the life of a teenage girl. Exciting, right? All you ever wanted and possibly a little more? I knew it. Trust me on this, you won’t regret it if you just keep on scrolling down.

Every morning I pull myself out of my warm, comfy bed only to be late to high school, once again. I try my hardest to keep my eyes open as my history teacher drones on and on and am more than thankful when my saving grace, the obnoxious noise of the school bell, rings and lets me out of class. I then walk outside, get in my car (Grandma, who you have met previously) and drive to the local community college where I am lucky enough to be a pre-nursing student. After school, I head home, do homework, and then off to work I go. After work, I cruise on home to catch up on more homework, eat and then sleep only to do it all again tomorrow (and people thought there was no such thing as a real-life repeat button).

Hitting my snooze button each morning (the cause of my routine tardiness) is much like hitting my real-life repeat button. While I admit there is the occasional day where I would much rather curl up in bed with a plate full of Gluten-Free brownies and every season of “I Love Lucy,” most days pressing that repeat button is quite alright with me.

Now why would an 18-year old girl be so content with repeating the same events day in and day out? Well, it is simple really: I have a dream.

I read on a t-shirt once: “A life without dreams would be easy.”

Yes. Yes, it would be.

I would never dare press repeat if I my life was easy, but to me, working hard every day to achieve my dream of becoming a nurse who has the pleasure of working with children like those at Children’s Village is it. Every minute spent in school, every challenging and memorable day at work, and every late-night study session helps me get that much closer to my dream.

“If people worked harder towards their dreams–even the ones that seem out of reach–the daily grind wouldn’t be so grueling.”

I think as human beings, we sometimes lose sight of our dreams because we get so caught up in today, we forget to form a dream for tomorrow. If people worked harder towards their dreams–even the ones that seem out of reach–the daily grind wouldn’t be so grueling. People of any age and any walk of life should find their dream and follow it. No matter how out of reach a dream may seem, if you work every day towards it, you will bring yourself just that much closer.

Take a step back.

Think about a dream you have (or once had and abandoned) and consider one small thing you could do each day to pull yourself closer to that dream. Every dream, attainable or far-fetched is worth at least trying to reach. Every morning I press my repeat button to reach my dream of becoming a nurse for an incredible community of kids. When you wake up tomorrow, what dream will you be willing to press repeat for?

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