Puttin’ Grandma in the Hall of Fame

Madison Campbellby Madison Campbell

Grandma and I have a special relationship. She gets me where I need to be, sometimes on time, but most of the time fashionably late. She isn’t very tidy, often coats, old assignments from school, and my many Gluten-free snack wrappers cover her floor. Grandma hates the cold, she screeches and groans in the mornings when it is time to leave for school and rattles off at night when we make the trek back home from work. Grandma has her good points too of course. She has helped make many memories in the past few years and is a great listener. The best part about grandma though, is I always can count on her to give me what I need when I need it most. This morning, she did just that.

Over the radio a song I had never heard before played as I drove in the pouring rain. I reached over and turned the volume dial as loud as it would go and listened to the lyrics to that song. After hearing this song, I quickly thanked Grandma for providing me with the inspiration for this blog post right here. Check it out below.

Hall of Fame by The Script is about ordinary people taking that leap forward to become extraordinary. I should pause here and define extraordinary in the terms in which I mean it. Extraordinary is taking that one extra step to make the life of someone other than yourself better than it previously was. Each day we have the choice to become extraordinary, to help someone load a heavy item into their cart at a store or to stop and ask someone about their day or to simply offer a smile to a stranger.

By becoming extraordinary in our own lives, we are immediately nominated for the hall of fame. Not of baseball or country music, but the Hall of Fame of me and you. Extraordinary people become a part of every person’s Hall of Fame. This Hall of Fame is full of those who have made that step forward to become extraordinary.

My Hall of Fame is full of extraordinary people, like the man on the bus three years ago in Oregon who told me about his life, not for pity or money, but because he just wanted to share his story, or Faith from Slugbugs who constantly makes me laugh. These people didn’t make it to the moon or eradicate world hunger, they simply stepped up and made a simple impact in my life. To me, that makes them a member of my Hall of Fame. They were simply extraordinary.

Make the choice today to become extraordinary in your own life, so you can become a part of another person’s Hall of Fame. There are always opportunities at Children’s Village to become a part of an amazing community of extraordinary people, but you can too become extraordinary by simply offering your smile.

Before I leave, I have to tell you something. Grandma, the wonderful provider of inspiration for this post, is not who you may think she is. Grandma is a red, dirt-smeared 1997 Mercury Sable who is well-loved and my traveling companion. Regardless of her exterior (and messy interior), Grandma and I both want to challenge you to become a part of another person’s Hall of Fame by choosing to be extraordinary.

Madison and her Grandma

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