Safe Sitter 17 year Anniversary

Seventeen years ago, Memorial Hospital became a Safe Sitter teaching site. To date, Memorial has certified 1,230 Safe Sitters in the Yakima Valley.

Safe Sitter is a medically accurate, competency-based, highly structured babysitting preparation course designed for young adolescents. Safe Sitter’s mission prepares young adolescents for the profound responsibilities of nurturing and protecting children.

 Safe Sitter teaches choking infant/child rescue and CPR, injury prevention and injury management, safety for the sitter, child care essentials, behavior management, and babysitting as a business. Across the country there have been 150 documented cases of lives saved by Safe Sitter graduates.

This summer, Memorial Hospital certified 95 Safe Sitters ages 11-13. Classes fill up quickly and planning is under way to offer six additional classes next summer.

 “I want to take this class because people have already asked me to babysit and I am still not sure how to prevent injuries or perform CPR. I will use the skills I learn while taking care of little kids.” Addison Archibald, Safe Sitter 2012

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