Safe Sitter Program


Last summer, 122 youth, ages 11 – 13, were certified through Memorial’s Safe Sitter program.  This educational program prepares young adolescents to care for a child at home or when babysitting, focusing on choking rescue techniques, CPR, injury prevention, as well as what to expect developmentally from children at different ages.  “I loved how we actually got to practice things like CPR and choking rescue”, said one of last year’s program participants.  Youth who have taken the Safe Sitter program are better skilled at responding to emergencies, and keeping those in their care safe and healthy. Classes are held throughout the summer.  This year’s first class starts June 16, 2014.  A $25 donation to The Memorial Foundation helps provide scholarships for those who can’t afford to pay the program fee.  Please visit for upcoming program information or call Martin Sanchez at 577-5015.


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