Sitting at the Radio Station

In the 20 minutes I’ve been at the radio station we’ve had a woman knock on the door and drop off a check for $60. The Bel Canto choir of Yakima just came by with two Costco sized coffee cans full of change and the phone banks have been ringing off the hook with donations ranging in size from $20 all the way up to $1000.

Every donation makes a difference. Did you know that just $20 provides reading materials to hospice patients? $20 funds lifeguard services at the therapy pool at Children’s Village and when just a few people combine their $20, life-saving medicine can be administered to cancer patients at North Star Lodge.

We are off to an incredible start! The phones are ringing! Caroline just called in with a $100 donation. Sue and Barbara just donated $20. And here’s the fun part…Century Link just donated $500. What’s the chance we can match it in the next hour?

You can make a difference today. Call the Standard Paint and Flooring Phone Bank at (509) 965-2515 or go to to donate online.


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