Support Groups for Cancer Patients and Caregivers

Coping with the emotional and physical effects that a cancer diagnosis can have on your life may be very difficult at times.  Through the generosity of our community, The Memorial Foundation provides funding for a variety of no- or low-cost support groups at North Star Lodge for patients and their families who are coping with cancer.  A new or recurrent diagnosis of cancer can have an impact on your life like no other news you have ever received. It can feel overwhelming as a person begins to process the quantity of information, treatment options, decisions, suggestions, and opinions – all of which come flooding in. To call this upheaval “stressful” would be a great understatement.

Coping with stress comes easily for some; others have a more difficult time. We are all different and so are the ways we seek and find help. There are no “right” coping strategies – there is only what works for you.  Read about the North Star Lodge patient support groups here.

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