A path for kids to reach their highest potential

Families who don’t know much about disorders like autism or ADHD may not seek treatment. When they do, families are amazed at how much support and education is available at Children’s Village to help their children achieve their highest potential.  And did you know? Children’s Village staff make an average of 350 in-home visits for kids ages newborn to 3 every month, and 475 pediatric therapeutic visits for kids ages 3 to 18.

Through community support, the infant and toddler Early Intervention Program sees children until they turn 3. Evidence-based practices urge intensive intervention in those early years, when communication skills are first forming, so they see kids about twice a month. Through additional funding, more therapists could be available so that these kids could be seen every week, optimizing the impact of the therapy sessions…optimizing their potential.

You can give to this program here https://memfound.org/give-donate.asp

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