#GivingTuesday – It’s Not a Matter of ‘If’… It’s a Matter of “When”

If cancer has not touched your life already, it will one day. Whether it be through a personal diagnosis, or the diagnosis of a loved one – cancer makes its mark on everyone. It’s not a matter of “if”… it’s a matter of “when.”

Meet Jill… she is a cancer survivor. She found hope and support in the superior cancer care services that are available to her locally, in Yakima. Because of this, she made her journey towards recovery at home, where she felt comfortable.

Today, she is a survivor. Jill has made it her mission to support, and encourage others in the community, to support the services that saved her life. She understands firsthand the impact our generous community makes. Won’t you become a part of this impact?

This #GivingTuesday, November 28, lend your support to the superior cancer services that exist locally, in Yakima.  The superior cancer care services that saved Jill’s life. You can help turn patients into survivors.

Visit our #GivingTuesday page to learn about other giving opportunities.

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Help for Those Going Through Cancer Treatment

The North Star Lodge Patient Emergency Fund, funded by donors to The Memorial Foundation, provides assistance to patients on limited incomes who may be unable to pay for some of their basic needs when they are going through cancer treatment.

For those with a limited income, the out-of-pocket costs for each appointment and for cancer medications can mean they are unable to afford the basics of life – food, gas, power or phone contact.   Recently, cancer care was provided to a single gentleman who lives in a very remote area about 30 miles from North Star Lodge.  The cost of cancer care left him unable to pay for cell phone usage with his pre-paid cell phone.  He has limited family in the area and no close neighbors – so without cell phone access he was isolated, unable to call for help if needed, arrange transportation or speak to his cancer care team if he had questions or problems.

North Star Lodge social workers discovered how dire his situation was during their routine assessment.  They utilized the Patient Emergency Assistance Fund to provide him with pre-paid cell phone minutes so he could stay in touch with them, connect with family living far away from the Yakima area and call for help if he needed it.  This simple intervention and support of less than $75 helped to make the cancer journey for this patient more bearable.

The patient was overjoyed that we were able to provide this support to him during his treatment.  He was extremely grateful for this simple gift, made possible by the generous donors in this community.

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A Day at North Star Lodge

In a single day at NSL
1. 40 patients receive life saving infusion treatments
2. 6 patients receive complimentary gas cards in order to receive life saving cancer treatments at NSL, thanks to local contributions
3. 2 patients have the comfort of heat and power while enduring cancer treatments at NSL.
4. 20 patients will access the complimentary resource library
5. 2 patients will receive medication assistance thanks to local contributions
6. 15 patients and their caregivers will attend a support group designed to help them cope with the cancer journey
7. 20 patients and caregiver will receive social services counseling support

The Big Give Day will help to continue providing these vital services. Donate below or visit BigGiveDay.com

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