Children’s Village New Director

Jackie McPhee (left) with outgoing Director Diane Patterson
Jackie McPhee (left) with outgoing Director Diane Patterson
I always think of Jackie McPhee when I think of the real beginning of Children’s Village. The weeks and months that I worked on the other side of a partition from her, as we were starting the Memorial Foundation at the Center for Child Health Services behind Memorial. She spent her days, begging, cajoling, connecting the various institutional pieces together to ease the way for families who were facing daunting journeys through multiple providers and disconnected services. She was then, and is now, a wonder.

How fitting that this week that she will be introduced as the new Children’s Village Director at the first ever Promise Awards on Thursday evening. If ever a promise was made and kept, Jackie personifies it. Our promise all those years ago was that our communities of care would band together in a grand experiment we called Children’s Village and do their best to create a clear pathway for every child born with a disability or delay.

We’ll be celebrating all who made the Village happen and all who guard and steward it’s promise to children and families. We’d love to see you there. Call 576-5794 if you’d like to reserve a spot.

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