Lymphedema is a lifetime condition.

“My treatment at North Star Lodge reduced my lymphedema to the point I needed new, smaller compression garments for my legs,” said Barbara, a cancer survivor. “Thank you for funding part of the cost of them; I can’t walk without them, and wouldn’t have been able to afford them on my own.  I am very grateful.”

Thanks to our generous community of supporters, North Star Lodge provides lymphedema and edema management to all kinds of patients; not just those with complications from cancer. In fact, only one-third of their lymphedema patients are also cancer patients!  Last year, 4,100 patient visits for lymphedema management were logged at North Star Lodge.

Lymphedema care radically improves fitness, cancer related fatigue, disease and side effects, reduces the risk of cancer recurrence, and oxygenates tissues to improve treatment outcomes.

Certified therapists help overcome complications from cancer, cancer treatments or other underlying conditions.  Therapy includes individual treatment, home care, patient, family, and caregiver training, and fitting of compression garments.

Providing assessment information for early intervention can help reduce the length and cost of the patients’ treatment course for lymphedema.  This leads to a comprehensive care plan and reduced emergency and physician office visits.  You guessed it!  The therapists at North Star do that, too.

Lymphedema is not curable.  But with your help, it can be made more manageable for patients with little or no medical coverage to continue therapy and replace the compression garments most patients need to wear constantly to manage the edema and its limiting complications.  Your gifts to North Star Lodge have helped hundreds of patients with lymphedema management, enabling them to continue with their jobs, daily activities, and increase hope for a productive, healthy life.

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