Oh, to dance like Amelia!

Meet Amelia Kloepfer. Being born with Williams Syndrome, a rare genetic syndrome that causes physical disabilities and developmental delays, doesn’t stop her from doing what she loves most, dancing. It was the One2One Mentoring Program at Children’s Village  that helped her begin pursuing her love of dance with a class at The Yakima School of Ballet.

Watching six-year-old Amelia proudly twirl and prance on stage during her first ballet recital was a momentous experience for the entire family. Dressed in a sweet pink tutu and hair pulled back into a tight bun, Amelia’s smile radiated throughout the entire auditorium.

Through the help of the One2One Mentoring Program, specially-trained teenage mentors work with children with special needs to provide them the opportunity to do a variety of activities they might not get to do otherwise. “She just loved her ballet class,” Amelia’s mom Stacey said. “I can’t speak highly enough of the mentors who helped out. They were patient, kind and enthusiastic.”

“We were so busy with therapies in the beginning, that it was a bit of a whirlwind,” Stacey said. “But I really wanted to connect with other families, so I decided to do the Holland support group through Parent to Parent. From there, we just kind of jumped in and never looked back.” Stacey will co-lead a Holland support group this fall and Amelia’s dad Ryan sits on the Parent to Parent advisory board.

“We have been so blessed by Children’s Village,” Stacey said. “And if we can give back in a small way like reaching out to other families or sitting on a committee, then we are happy to do it.”

The Kloepfers have watched their daughter grow and develop into a happy, healthy little girl; one who loves all things dance and princesses. The ballet recital was a milestone celebration to witness the joy and happiness their daughter exuded as she glided across the stage. “We are already looking forward to next year,” Stacey said.

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