YouthWorks In Action

As the months grow colder, the hearts of those serving in the valley continue to spread warmth. YouthWorks at Memorial remains one of the core organizations of youth led service in the valley. One of the projects that the council members take on every year is a canned food drive. This year, members delivered boxes to various businesses and the donations collected were enough to fully supply the Cottage in the Meadow and the remaining donations were given to Northwest Harvest. Council members have also committed to helping with Children’s Village 17th annual Holiday Festival, as well as being an on call snow shoveling service for those in the valley with that need.


Honor Stoneman
YouthWorks PR Director

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YouthWorks in action

By Yaly Aguilera, YouthWorks Secretary

My fellow YouthWorks members and I toured around Children’s Village the other day. I was fascinated by the kid-friendly building! Walking along Miracle Street, and seeing the signs recognizing the major donors, I was delighted to know so many companies in the Valley support Children’s Village. With the help of these generous donors, this support system gets stronger and stronger each day.

One thing that is important to recognize is that Children’s Village is not just for the children who have  developmental needs, but also for the families of these children and the community. The Parent to Parent Support Group is helpful for parents of newly diagnosed children with  health concerns and in this group they can receive encouragement and support by a trained parent who has a child with special needs.

While walking around Children’s Village, I could not help but remember about my uncle, Juanito, who has down syndrome. When he was born, the doctors told my grandmother that there was no way that he can live any longer due to many heart related issues and complications. No support was given to my family at the time, however, my grandmother overcame that barrier with faith. I realized how blessed our community was to have Children’s Village. Considering my grandmother and Juanito live in Mexico, it was difficult for him to receive physical therapy and medical treatment. It’s a blessing for many families and children in our society to receive that sense of comfort and support through Children’s Village.

Children’s Village brings families together and creates a unique and supportive atmosphere where they can learn and grow together. Children’s Village is about faith, hope, and support.

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