What’s the score? Who cares? Take a break.

Peter Wachsmithby Peter Wachsmith

Youth these days (and yes, I’m talking about myself) are very busy! In fact, I have met children in grade school who lead busier lives than some of my classmates. With extracurricular activities, academic work, vocations, and family responsibilities we often get overwhelmed. Working really hard causes stress and it’s important to find a balance between the stress that keep you going and the kind that brings you down. There are many different ways of doing this: sports, sleep, music, food, reading, and spending time with friends. I love spending time with friends.  Really, I do. But, for me, I have to say music is by far the best way to relax.

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I relax to scores. (In case you didn’t know, a score is the music that is in the background or used in a movies). Many are familiar with the scores of High School MusicalThe Sound of MusicHarry PotterThe Lord of The Rings, and many more.  Not all movie scores are “relaxing,” for instance: the Step Up movies or The Avengersunless you like to dance or smash things. Which is okay… I guess… sometimes…

I have found movies like The HelpW./E.Water for ElephantsExtremely Loud And Incredibly CloseUp, and others to be just what I need when I just feel the world is too much to handle and need a break or peaceful company when studying.  Nearly all instrumental, these albums use little to no voices, which I find to help me focus easier on whatever it is I am doing.

Now for those of you who enjoy having someone sing to them here is a list of my favorites:  Adele, Frank Sinatra and Whitney Houston.  Adele because her voice is so rich and powerful. Frank Sinatra when I want to be carried off to another time.  And Whitney for her stories, which are relatable so long as your heart still beats.

Clearly, I love music.  From soulful, to whimsical, to even some sad stuff, holy crap, I love music.  I left out rock, techno, and several other types which work for other people, but in truth, there is no magic album, no holy grail, miracle relaxing symphony.me focus easier on whatever it is I am doing.

The point I wish to make is that music has the power to make the craziness fade for as long as you need it too. With or without words, music has the ability to comfort you when no else really can.  Last, but not lease, music is fun. It can spark creativity and encourage a lively mood.

We live in a very fast world where after school, sports, chores, and events we can often find ourselves wondering where the day went and suddenly we feel alone. This can sometimes lead to depression or even cause an increase in stress because you don’t know how to stop the cycle and get back to enjoying yourself. I have come to know this feeling all too well during my last year in High School. I wanted to share with you because this, here, as I write, and you read, is an outlet.  As youth, we have enough to worry about. It is important to remember to find a balance between work and play—for our own good.


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