The great work continues!

To Dr. Z – “Thanks for being who you are. xoxo
–Juan Carlos

“As a dental provider at Children’s Village, my utmost pleasant experience comes from the things that I learn from the children with disabilities and their families. At Children’s Village, kids are kids whether they have disabilities or not. They are defined by their talent, not by their disabilities.”

“Children’s Village is a magical playground where I can work with many kids with different talents. My most rewarding experience is when I first meet an anxious child and I can help them through an actual appointment and eventually see them enjoy the experience of coming to the dentist.” Dr. Ziad.

Early in March we bid Children’s Village Director, Jackie McPhee a fond farewell as she retired. She will be missed! To keep you updated, we wanted you to know that Bertha Lopez, Virginia Mason Memorial Senior Director of Community Planning and Development, is serving as interim Director of the Village as a discussion of the CEO position continues.

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