The Right Professional With The Right Expertise

“As a pediatric physical therapist, I knew my baby, Thomas, wasn’t keeping up with the expected developmental milestones. At 16 months old, we had his hearing tested. He has severe hearing loss in his “good ear,” and they were not able to turn the machine up loud enough to get a response in his other ear. Put simply, our sweet Thomas was deaf. We wanted to give him every opportunity to engage with the people and environment that he lives in. Tom is supported by a collaborative team that includes providers at Seattle Children’s and his “home team” at Children’s Village. He receives specialized education from a certified educator of the deaf with Children’s Village Early Intervention program to help him learn and communicate using sign language as well as supporting our whole family to engage with his new deaf identity. He also has specialized speech therapy working on his utilization of technology, (such as hearing aids, etc.) and speech. It has now been a year of receiving services, and Children’s Village has helped him get caught up so he can communicate in sign language at an age-appropriate level. He continues to learn and grow, and we couldn’t be more proud of him or more thankful for all of the awesome support we have.”
– Katie Buck, Thomas’s mom

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