Thoughts from a grateful family member

 “For weeks now, I have been trying to articulate the value of using hospice services.  It’s hard to be succinct about every aspect in which hospice affects a dying patient and their family or support team.  We have been through an exhausting ordeal with Mom’s illness in the last three months.

Everyone seems to think calling hospice means imminent death. Well, that’s not how I think about hospice!  The ironic thing is that we didn’t have much hope for Mom until we called hospice in.  Amazing things happened, and her quality of life was increased immeasurably!”

Reasons I love Memorial’s Hospice Team

  1. Hospice team addressed the concerns of the whole family.
  2. Hospice acknowledged our love of dogs and didn’t mind them in the house or at the Cottage.
  3. Hospice spoke about the death process in a matter-of-fact way and did not avoid it.
  4. Hospice was available and responsive at all hours.
  5. Hospice did not judge us for our questions…ever.
  6. Hospice team knew how to order needed medical equipment.
  7. Hospice drew us out with gentle questions, helping us identify our fears and work through them.
  8. Hospice laughed with us as a family.
  9. Hospice encouraged Mom to live her best life as long as she could.
  10. Hospice grieved with us when Mom died.
  11. Hospice normalized for us the natural process of dying; a gift which has already enriched our lives beyond measure.

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