Today we were meeting with a 17 year old in her home, down a dead end street in east Yakima…

I am thankful for my job, and that at 50, I still love what I do. It’s the time to do joint home visits with the nurses again, which is a joy for me.

Today we were meeting with a 17 year old in her home, down a dead end street in east Yakima.  As I looked at the dire and depressing circumstances, I saw hope in her eyes and heard courage in her voice. She was telling her nurse, the plans she had for breastfeeding her baby, because “then they feel closer to you, the mom and baby are closer”. She didn’t know the words bonding and attachment, but she knew it was important.

She also shared her goals for obtaining her driver’s license.  Since the last home visit, she had completed a goal worksheet with the steps she thought would be important.  One of the steps was to “get the driving manual to read”.  She had already completed that step and was contemplating how to earn the $75 to take the test.

I consider it an honor and a privilege to work with this incredible team of nurses, who go into high risk homes in our community every day and provide home visits to young, first time moms with respect and dignity.  I am humbled by the young women, who, when faced with seemingly insurmountable circumstances, have the courage to take the steps to change their lives, and their baby’s life too.

I am thankful today to be a part of this incredible work.

The Nurse Family Partnership is a program that helps first-time mothers during pregnancy and after the baby is born. A specially trained nurse works with the mother during pregnancy and through the baby’s second birthday.

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