Wapasha’s story

Wapasha’s story, by Melinda Goudy

“This was my 5th child and I thought it would be a familiar walk in the park.  Instead, I found myself in a new situation.  When the doctor suggested our daughter Wapasha may have Down syndrome, it became a day of mixed emotions.


I was scared of the unknown.   Then we learned about Children’s Village. While we were still in the hospital, Tracie, a representative from the Children’s Village Parent to Parent program, came to visit us.  She also had a son with special needs and could relate to what I was feeling.  She told me everything was going to be okay and that everything I was feeling was normal!  Right away she matched me with another parent, Nadia, who also has a child with Down syndrome.


Fast forward three years later, and Nadia and Tracie were right.  Wapasha is an absolute blessing and doing just fine.  She continues to reach her milestones on her own time.  I’ve gotten past “seeing” Down syndrome.  I just see our beautiful girl, her beautiful face and that silly personality!  Do I still worry?  Of course!  I’ve found that although we’ve had hospital stays, still work with an occupational therapist, have IEPs and other situations we never had with her siblings, our life has resumed mostly unaltered.  I am content.


This year I got the honor of being the “helping parent” in a parent match and can pass along the strength and hope that was given to me by this very special program.  I’ve been able to share something in common with other parents, laugh and share stories.  My desire is to pass some of the strength and hope that was given to me along to other parents.  Together is better, and I hope I have done just that!  Thank you Children’s Village “Parent to Parent” program for paving the way for us!”  Your gift to The Memorial Foundation provides needed funding for the Parent to Parent program and many more programs offered at Children’s Village.

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